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PE water pipe installation Construction Points for Attention


PE water pipe installation Construction Points for Attention

2011/9/1 11:02:35 Source: Huafeng Pipe Industry
First, the PE pipes pipe connection
    PE water supply pipe is connected to the hot melt connection and fused connection. The hot melt connection was divided into hot-melt socket connection and Butt connection, fused connection is divided into fused socket connections and fused saddle connection.Butt construction of the connection, the PE water supply regardless of its main steps are:
    1, Material preparation: the pipe or tube placed in the flat position, put in the butt on the left foot 10-20mm cutting margin.
    2, Clamping: welded pipes, pipe fittings to choose the right kava fixture, clamp the pipe, ready for cutting.
    3, cutting: cutting pipe segment fitting openings impurities and oxide layers, to ensure that the two butt end flat, smooth and free of impurities.
    4, In: two pipe end to be completely on the wrong side as small as possible, the wrong side can not exceed 10% of wall thickness. Otherwise, it will affect the docking quality.
    5, Heating: docking suitable temperature generally in 210-230 ℃ between heating plate heating time summer and winter, to both ends of the length of the surface melting of 1-2mm is better.
    6, Switch: the heating plate away quickly so that the two hot melt side face sticky and pressurized docking quality, in order to ensure melting, the switching cycle as short as possible.
    7, Melting docking: is the key to welding, the docking process should always be in the melting pressure, crimp width appropriate to the 2-4mm.
    8, Cooling: to maintain the same docking pressure, so that the interface is slow cooling, the cooling length of time the hand touched the curling stiff, do not feel hot subject.
    9, docking is completed: good cooling and release slips away docking machine, re-prepare the next interface connector.

Second, thePE water pipe installation and construction
    1, A pre-installation test ducts to meet the installation requirements, and then view the pipeline whether the appearance of significant depression, cracks, abrasions, scratches, and found that the timely replacement of hidden quality problems.
    2, Pipe elbows, tees, tapered fittings, fire hydrants, etc. C20 concrete set of concrete stone block, flange valves with brick support stone block reinforcement.
    3, PE to the pipes and metal pipes, valves, fire hydrant connections, steel-plastic transition fittings or special flange connection.
    4, Uplift parts or uphill lots in the pipeline shall be set the exhaust valve to reduce air and water mix to pressure impact on the pipeline. The ratio of the pipe and the exhaust valve is designed to 1:8.
    5, PE pipe has good flexibility and scalability, all pipe installation were not consider the installation of expansion joints.

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