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    • 2011/9/1 11:11:41Good quality of PE pipe
    •     PE water pipe to a building water supply system, vigorously develop the Chinese market for PE pipe, the products have been beyond the building water supply, the gradual development of applications for many industries, such as: urban underground pipe network,ground source heat pumps, landfill, ir...
    • First, the PE pipes pipe connection     PE water supply pipe is connected to the hot melt connection and fused connection. The hot melt connection was divided into hot-melt socket connection and Butt connection, fused connection is divided into fused socket connections and fused saddle connection.B...
    •     Since the 1990s, the synthetic resin industry in China is booming, production and consumption has maintained a good momentum of growth. At present, China synthetic resin production capacity will reach 10 million tons, ranked the United States, Japan, Germany, South Korea, ranking the world's top...
    •     PE compared to the water mains and pipes and other plastic pipe, polyethylene pipe has a unique advantage. Mainly in:     1. A long service life, the PE pipe under the standard conditions, at least the safe use of 50 years;     2.Water supply polyethylen...

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