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    •     In order to promote the popularization and application of China's chemical building materials and plastic pipe, the state industry department in charge has issued a number of industrial policy and promotion files; in order to accelerate the pace of development of chemical building materials and ...
    •     The rumble of heavy machinery and construction and the sound of firecrackers, the 2010 large-scale investment projects: "Hangzhou Huafeng Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. new pipe construction project has officially started construction in July 2010. The project covers an area of 86.75 acres, the new pla...
    • 2011/8/31 11:32:57Celebrate thirty-eight
    •     In the rolling spring rain, we have ushered in a 100 "38" International Women's Day. In order to be able to spend a pleasant belongs only to the festival of our female compatriots, at 0:00 on the March 8, the company organize all the female compatriots to the the Fuyang era theater to watch the ...
    •     At present, the continued drought in southwest China, resulting in a large area of difficulty in drinking water, crop failures, to the life of the masses, severe impact of economic development. Hangzhou Red Cross on the fund-raising activities in the Southwest drought disaster area, "the company...

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