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    •       With the pre-company leadership to the careful planning of the new product, the long-awaited new product-MPP single-wall corrugated pipe production line in early April, has been quietly present in the PE plant, the production line by the host, forming machine, spray box, tracto...
    •     In order to guide the organization to pursue excellence in performance, improve the quality of products, services and business, and enhance their competitive advantage, and promote enterprises sustained, rapid and healthy development, the state specially formulated the "excellent performance eva...
    • 2011/9/1 11:11:41Good quality of PE pipe
    •     PE water pipe to a building water supply system, vigorously develop the Chinese market for PE pipe, the products have been beyond the building water supply, the gradual development of applications for many industries, such as: urban underground pipe network,ground source heat pumps, landfill, ir...

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