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In 2013 January by the Hangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Hangzhou Municipal Intellectual Property Bureau
as a "patent pilot enterprises in Hangzhou city".

In 2013 February, organized 110 people went to Ningbo to Yuyao to participate in organized by Taiwan Jianfeng business group
for a period of five days of boot camp training.

In 2013 April, the company launched the standardization of archives management work.
Director in 2013 May the Sri Lankan parliament speaker senior adviser, Dr. white, the Sri Lankan national water authority that Mr.
C Ru Nathan and the Sri Lanka National Lottery Bureau Mr. Cha Mingde visit to our site for a period of two days of investigation.

2013 August review through the ISO 9001 quality management system, environment management system ISO 14001, OHSAS
18001 occupation health management system certification.

2013 August review through the measurement of management system certification.
In 2013 August in the "2013 national rural water conservancy engineering material equipment product information".
In 2013 August, "Zhejiang HuaFeng pipe industry of high-tech research and development center" project by the Hangzhou
Municipal Science and technology project acceptance.

2013 September review for pressure piping components and special equipment manufacturing license (polyethylene).
In 2013 November, the company launched the fine management counseling case undertaken by Taiwan Jianfeng business group.
2013 December review by Zhejiang famous brand product identification.
In 2013 December the "light electric cable protection composite reinforced polypropylene (HFFB) single wall corrugated pipe"
"communication with non plasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) flame retardant porous pipe" "outdoor special composite reinforced
HFCM pipe" three provincial new product development projects identified by expert groups.


January 2010 Re-evaluation by the civilized unit 2008-2009
January 2010
Awarded the 2009 industrial enterprises Tax Contribution Award
July 2010
Zhejiang Huafeng Pipe Jiaochangkou New Area project the construction of public
August 2010
Re-evaluation OHSAS18001 occupational health management system certification
November 2010 Was rated Zhejiang Credit Demonstration Unit
November 2010
Was rated AAA credit quality of service demonstration unit
November 2010
Re-evaluation by the ISO9001, 14001 system certification
December 2010    Re-evaluation by the Zhejiang famous brand
December 2010    Hangzhou High-tech R & D center to declare success
December 2010    Fuyang City, Review of Quality Award
December 2010    Silicon core pipe and six product was rated the utility model patent
December 2010 Large-diameter PVC double wall corrugated pipe, PUC-U electrician bushing into production
August 2009            PE pipe water-saving product certification through the country, Xinhua
August 2009            Re-evaluation by the ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification and OHSAS18001 occupational health system
August 2009            AA grade certificate by the management system of evaluation of the amount of
November 2009       "Feng" brand graphics trademark was rated Zhejiang Famous Trademark
November 2009       Was rated Hangzhou City's most growth-oriented SMEs
December 2009       Been the assessment supported by the state high-tech enterprises

September 2008   Included in the Chinese industrial anti-corrosion Technology Association
September 2008   Company introduced a new corporate image recognition system
September 2008   Once again as, Hangzhou, focus on fostering the growth of SMEs
August 2008        Was rated Zhejiang Province Quality Association member institutions
August 2008        Included again in the high-tech enterprises in Hangzhou
July 2008            "Feng" brand was recognized as a famous trademark in Hangzhou
July 2008             Were among the first top ten outstanding overseas Chinese enterprises
July 2008             Credible unit was rated industrial and commercial enterprises in Zhejiang Province AA grade credit
January 2008        2007 was rated corporate credit rating of AAA grade
May 2008 Donated 310,000 yuan to the Sichuan Earthquake Stricken Areas


March 2007        Fuyang City, won the "Health Cup" winner of the Competition
August 2007      Included in the growing small and medium-sized industrial enterprises in Hangzhou City
November 2007  The establishment of the company Youth League
December 2007  Won the title of famous brand in Zhejiang Province
December 2007  Fuyang City Civilization Unit title again


February 2006   Was rated a hundred companies of the China Plastics Industry
March 2006       Published within the Huafeng Publication issued
May 2006         Included in Fuyang City, focuses on the growth of SMEs
June 2006        Certification through the inspection system of measurement
August 2006    GB/T14001-2004 and ISO14001: 2004 standard requirements management system certification
August 2006    GB/T19001-2000 and ISO9001: 2000 standard requirements management system certification
August 2006     Certification by the standardization of good behavior
December 2006  Feng brand communications and power cable protection tube as brand-name products in Hangzhou City
December 2006    Chairman of the YE group again elected to the Fuyang Municipal People's Congress


January 2005   Zhejiang Huafeng Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. "Feng" trademark was identified as a famous trademark in Hangzhou
June 2005      Zhejiang business credit Credible Unit
July 2005       Granted Hangzhou integrity of private enterprise, "the title
August 2005   The establishment of Zhejiang Huafeng Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. Union

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