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Putting People First:

Adhere to the idea of employing people-oriented, focus on talent, use of personnel, train and retain qualified personnel, the company will respect the talent, concerned about the talent the first place, advocating relaxed and harmonious employment environment, and improve the competitive employment system, training systemand pay and benefits system, to provide a broad platform for talent and stage.


Supported by the state high-tech enterprise and Zhejiang Province, growth-oriented small and medium industrial enterprises, the company vigorously implement the strategic approach to science and technology enterprises, people-oriented ", focusing on new products, new technology research and development and talent introduction and cultivation. After years of operating, created a number of mature technology, a reasonable age structure, high degree of specialization of the workforce.

Cultivate a sense of belonging and sense of honor, Huafeng people to plant at home to cultivate employee loyalty, build loyalty first, ability second "concept of employment.


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