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I "first-class products, excellent service and improve the innovation, and customer satisfaction" approach to quality, on time and to provide customers with quality products services to meet and exceed their hopes and demands a commitment to quality. To this end, according to the IS09000 family of standards, we established a set of service system, and specific procedures are as follows:

■ Services to prepare:
(1) Technology Department under the sales contract requirements or customer requirements, is responsible for preparing the necessary technical product information, where necessary, the quality of planning and preparation of the plan.
(2) The sales department is responsible for publicity on the product performance and use, and use the occasion to the user. Responsible for collecting user feedback and requirements, the survey of user needs, and timely transmission of information to the relevant departments.
(3) the production department in accordance with contract requirements, responsible for organizing the production and good delivery of products, the sales department is responsible for product safety, accurate, and complete to the user-specified location.

After-sales service:
(1) Under the contract, the establishment of user files and timely processing of user feedback information, to honor the commitment to the user.
From time to time to carry out visits to user activity, extensive solicitation of opinions on the quality of our products and services, general users can be sought through correspondence or telephone inquiries, and make a record.
(3) the implementation of the 24-hour emergency response and regular tour mechanism, and provide technical advice, training and guidance.
(4) the product quality or engineering problems, the company will send technicians to the product using the site, investigation and verification and timely manner, we are preparing to deal with record.

■ Solemn promise:
(1)Strict implementation of the supply contract, and production requirements.
(2) by contract to implement the transfer of goods (received to goods fax within 24 hours delivered to the designated construction site). After the arrival of mutual inspection signing any of the obvious appearance of quality problems, and unconditional return and exchange qualified products.
Your requirements for operating instructions issued in strict accordance with the Company, the Company guarantees: to remove the destruction of human destruction and irresistible natural disasters, the company responsible for the shelf life of 50 years, in the use of 50 years, where the damage occurred. company free of charge responsible for your replacement.
From our quality problems caused by the construction delay or other loss from our responsibility.
Reply within 2-3 hours 5. Customer complaints resolved within 24 hours.
The company responsible for product quality in the end.

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